Guest Engagement That

Satisfies & Boosts Revenue 

An engaging chatbot with 2-way messaging,

a customizable personality and things to do in a city




A.I Powered 2-Way Texting

Hotels.  Restaurants.  Bars. 

Indigo helps hotels create resident chatbots with a name and a personality uniquely theirs


Your resident bot is capable of automated responses, 2-way texting and giving recommendations from a curated list that is unique to your property

Since your resident bot has a mind of its own, it will guide your customers and guests without human participation

Driving customer’s engagement, satisfaction, and revenue has never been this easy and fun


On-demand  information for places and things to do in the city 

Over 7,000  listings of restaurants, concerts, off the beaten path experiences and down to the nearest ATM and drugstores

Satisfy your guest's request for things to do in seconds.

You and your bot now have easy access to activities from 

over 7,000 places and activities from top providers in the city  

Bringing the local experiences to the traveler



Your workplace communication

Connect with co-workers across departments and shifts with one easy-to-use platform.


Workspace equips your teams with tools for co-workers to  talk to each other, share information and provides the support they need to do exceptional work